Baby and Mother Friendly Public Places

Baby and Mother Friendly Community Initiatives

As part of SCFO’s vision to create a breastfeeding culture in the community, where breastfeeding would be valued, protected and considered as normal, not only within health care facilities but also in workplaces, daycare centers and nurseries, and public places, the three community-based initiatives were founded. These initiatives empower parents, families, and other caregivers to aid in promoting, protecting and supporting childhood development.

Baby and Mother-Friendly Public Places.

Most breastfeeding mothers rely on artificial baby milk whenever they go outside their house (to go in a shopping mall, visit a museum, etc.). Therefore a public place has a responsibility towards the community and should contribute to community by providing breastfeeding room.Fully-accredited initiatives are officially awarded a “Baby & Mother-Friendly” label.

Registered & Accredited Baby & Mother-Friendly Public Places.

S. No.Public PlacesS. No.Public Places
1Sharjah Women's Club12Flag Island
2Kolag Centre - Sharjah Ladies Club13AL Montazah
3Khorfakan Ladies Club14Al-Souq al-Sanasiya
4Sharjah Maritime Museum15Al-qasabe
5AlHisn Fort Museum16Al Majaz Waterfront
6Sharjah Aquarium17Traffic and Licensing Service Center
7Sharjah Classic Car Museum18Sharjah Airport Authority
8Art Museum19Department of Traffic and Patrols - Sharjah
9Sharjah Museum of Islamic Civilization20City Centre Sharjah
10Meliha Archaeological Center21Expo Sharjah Centre
11Al Noor Island