Breastfeeding Friendly Nurseries

Baby and Mother Friendly Community Initiatives

As part of SCFO’s vision to create a breastfeeding culture in the community, where breastfeeding would be valued, protected and considered as normal, not only within health care facilities but also in workplaces, daycare centers and nurseries, and public places, the three community-based initiatives were founded. These initiatives empower parents, families, and other caregivers to aid in promoting, protecting and supporting childhood development.

Breastfeeding-Friendly Nurseries

‘Breastfeeding-Friendly Nurseries’ provide information and support to mothers on how to maintain their milk supply and to continue to breastfeed. They are also a privileged environment to educate children under their care (and their parents) towards restoring a breastfeeding culture by ensuring:

1. Training the caregivers.
2. Providing a room for the mothers (to express their milk or breastfeed their babies in the nursery).
3. Creating an environment portraying breastfeeding as the norm.

Fully-accredited initiatives are officially awarded a “Baby & Mother-Friendly” label.

Registered & Accredited Breastfeeding-Friendly Nurseries

S. No.NurseriesS. No.Nurseries
1“my nursery” Nursery17AL-Leyaa Nursery
2Rifaa Nursery18AL-FLAH Nursery
3Al Ibdaa Nursery19Um al-Fadl Nursery - Kalba
4Al-Rumisa Nursery20Jamila Nursery
5Al-Ghafia Nursery21Kalba Nursery
6Zahra Nursery22Al-Badia Nursery
7Wasit Nursery23Jumanna Nursery
8Al-Tala'a Nursery24Khorfakan Nursery
9AL-Mostaqbal Nursery25Nursery
10Ruqaya Nursery26Hamriya Nursery
11Alheera Nursery27Wadi Helo Nursery
12Shayma Nursery28Dibba Al Hisn Nurery
13My Little Room Nursery29Thameed Nursery
14Al-Ghabeba Nursery30Madam Nursery
15 Bsateen Nursery 31Al Dhaid Nursery
16Sharjah Model Nursery