Mother Friendly Work Place

Baby and Mother Friendly Community Initiatives

As part of SCFO’s vision to create a breastfeeding culture in the community, where breastfeeding would be valued, protected and considered as normal, not only within health care facilities but also in workplaces, daycare centers and nurseries, and public places, the three community-based initiatives were founded. These initiatives empower parents, families, and other caregivers to aid in promoting, protecting and supporting childhood development.

Mother-Friendly Workplaces

The number of women with babies and young children who return to the workforce is increasing and the absence of breastfeeding facilities at their workplace rapidly leads to the dependency on artificial baby milk. Thus, it is essential that workplaces contribute in giving babies and children “A Right Start for a Healthy Future” by ensuring:

1. Breastfeeding room for the employees (to breastfeed their babies or express their milk).
2. Allow employees to take breastfeeding breaks.
3. Designate a breastfeeding support group among the employees.

Fully-accredited initiatives are officially awarded a “Baby & Mother-Friendly” label.

1Sharjah Women's Club28Municipal Council / Al-Dhaid56Al Dhaid Hospital
2ALDhaid Ladies' Club29General Department of Residence and Foreign Affairs57Kalba Hospital
3Khorfakan Ladies Club30Sharjah Media Corporation58Khorfakkan Hospital
4Hamriya Ladies Club31Department of Economic Development (Kalba)59University Hospital
5Kalba Ladies Club32Sharjah Charity Association AL Dhaid)60Zulekha Hospital
6ALHamrya Ladies Club33Community College - Dibba Al-Husn61Al Zahra Hospital
7Department of Social Services34Sharjah Airport Authority62Family Health Promotion Center
8Department of Social Services - Dibba Al-Husn Branch35Department of Culture and Information63Rifa’a Health Center
9Department of Social Services (Kalba)36Directorate of Housing64Riqqa Health Center
10Department of Social Services (Khorfakan)37Sharjah Education Council65Sabkha Health Center
11Sharjah Police 38Sharjah Electricity and Water Authority66Qaraen Health Center
12General Directorate of penal and correctional institutions39Sharjah Commercial and Tourism Development Authority67Wasit Health Center
13University City Police Department40Sharjah Education Zone68Sharjah Health Center
14Al-buhaira Police Station41Sharjah Federal Court 69Khalidiya Health Center
15Comprehensive Industrial Police Station42Sheikha Bdour Al Qasimi's Office70Hamriya Health Center
16Wasit Police Station43Sharjah Roads and Transport Authority71Batayih Health Center
17West Police Station44Sharjah International Airport Free Zone Authority72Madam Health Center
18Health Services Department45Sharjah Department of Public Works73Maliha Health Center
19Traffic and Licensing Service Center46Sharjah City of Human Services74Thameed Health Center
20Sharjah Municipality47Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry75Nazwa Health Center
21Municipality of Dibba Al-Husn48Sharjah Expo Centre76Dhaid Health Center
22Al-Dhaid Municipality49Sharjah High Council for Family Affairs77Wadi Helo Health Center
23Municipality of Khorfakan50Department of Real Estate Registration78Kalba Health Center
24Kalba Municipality51Environment And Protected Areas Authority, Sharjah79Khorfakkan Health Center
25Public Health Clinic (Sharjah Municipality)52Sharjah Maternity and Child Care Centre80Louluya Health Center
26Municipal Council / Khorfakan53Department of Human Resources81Dibba Al Hisn Health Center
27Municipal Council / Kalba54Sharjah Museums Department82Shees Health Center
55Al Qassimi Hospital83Nahwa Health Center