About Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly

About Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly

The Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly project was upscaled by Sharjah Child Friendly Office, an affiliate of Sharjah Health Authority in March 2024. The baby and family-friendly places means setting in place more holistic criteria that meet the needs of the entire family, and dedicate sustainable baby and family-friendly policies. The Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly (SBFF) initiative will include effective interventions, with governance structures to ensure that children’s holistic needs are addressed appropriately, and a renewed focus to include parents, families, and other caregivers within its ambit in recognition of the important role they play in the promotion, protection and support of childhood development.

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Our Purpose

The purpose of Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly accreditation system is ‘to sustain a baby and family-friendly culture’ in Sharjah.

Why Baby & Family Friendly

Family-friendly policies and social protection are a fundamental right for all parents, their children and their families, regardless of their employment status, geographic location, gender, disability, age or any other characteristic. Family-friendly policies are defined as those policies that help to balance and benefit both work and family life. Better care for young children, enabled by supportive conditions at work and in the community, is not only in the interest of young children and families, it also yields benefits for the promotion of Sharjah as the first baby & family friendly emirate in the region.

View the SHARJAH BABY & FAMILY-FRIENDLY ACCREDITATION implementation guideline

Sharjah Baby & Family Friendly Categories

Baby & Family Friendly Organizations

Balancing work and family obligations is one of the most common concerns today among employees and employers alike. Organizations can establish a work environment and policies that enable employees to effectively balance and fulfil work and family responsibilities by providing flexible working arrangements while attending to organizational needs can have many positive outcomes for both employers and employees.


Baby & Family Friendly Nurseries

Baby & family friendly nurseries support and enables parents to develop a close and loving relationship with their children. This may include various programs that nurseries run for and with parents such as educational sessions on breastfeeding, introduction of solid food and nutrition counseling, understanding child behavior and parenting skills. Nursery staff understand the importance of responsive care and work proactively to provide opportunities for parents and other family members to interact positively with their child.


Baby & Family Friendly Destinations

Stronger, healthier families contribute to stronger, healthier organizations and empower our community to grow and prosper. Similarly, parents are constantly searching for destinations that welcome children and provide environments for families to relax and be themselves. These destinations can be private, government or semi-government and these include commercial buildings, historic sites, airports, recreational facilities and hospitality industries.